Industrial Automation Area

Industrial automation exhibition area

A. FA system and devices: production automation, index table, coupling, bearing, shaft, LM guide rail, automatic nozzle, clutch/brake, change/decelerator, gear, ball screw, divider, distributor, cylinder, compressor, control valve, actuator;
B. Sensor and control: sensor, encoder, counter, instrument and meter, indicator light, timer, temperature/pressure gauge, flow meter, measurement test, PLC, frequency converter, frequency converter, switch, controller, drive, numerical control, relay, temperature control equipment lamp;
C. Motion control and robot: servo motor, linear motor, frequency converter, stepper motor, ac motor, gear motor, CNC controller, motion controller, robot controller, vertical multi-joint robot, jumping robot, palletizing robot, industrial robot, robot related equipment and components;
D. Industrial software: SCADA system, man-machine interface, automatic identification system and solutions, S/W, DCS, MES, DAS, process monitoring and control environment, touch panel, field bus, industrial PC, touch screen, embedded solutions, communication board, Ethernet communication equipment, CAD/CAM, CIM;
E. Hydraulic and pneumatic components: cylinder, compressor, pump, motor, control valve, actuator, industrial pneumatic valve, vacuum system, nozzle;
F. Logistics automation system: transfer machine, automatic door, elevator, hoist, chain, conveyor belt, roller, cable bracket, vacuum adsorption transfer system, SCM, ERP, bar code system, printer, bar code scanner, handheld terminal, PDA for industrial use, RFID, DPS, POS, etc.



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