Industrial Communication Area

Industrial communication exhibition area

Industrial Internet network interconnection: communication network service, industrial Ethernet, network switch, IDC, Internet, CPS, IOT, AI, edge computing;
Industrial Internet identification and information collection: RFID sensor, RFID product line, bar code, measurement and testing, biological identification technology and products, core control chip and embedded chip, positioning technology, intelligent terminal products, AR&VR, etc.
Industrial Internet platform: cloud computing and big data, data center infrastructure (server, storage equipment, information system integration), data analysis and mining, data transaction, etc.
Hardware: industrial-grade routers, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial communication card, industrial gateway, interface converters, serial port server, a photoelectric converter, industrial remote control launch and recovery unit, the Internet of things, remote data monitoring, data acquisition instrument programmable logic controller PLC, intelligent sensors, security controller, embedded systems, data acquisition module, the industry computer, man-machine interface, display, industrial motherboard, industrial chassis, industrial power supply, USP power supply, sensor and connection, industrial connectors, field bus, storage devices, etc.;
System software: industrial iot solutions for interprocess communications, mobile Internet, IPC, industrial software and solutions, network security platform (enterprise management software, product research and development design software, industrial control software, communication software, embedded software, basic software), the industry of cloud computing, big data and M2M technology, Zigbee technology, equipment and information system integration, network security, measurement testing, etc.;
Industrial control computers, industrial switches, industrial control network interconnection, wireless technology and information security, configuration software, industrial remote and wireless communication products and solutions;
Big data, cloud computing and information security: big data, cloud computing technology and equipment; Communication technology and products, security services, physical security products, network security system, click virus, communication security, application security, physical security, security management, encryption technology, security payment, access control, disaster storage, forensics technology;
Intelligent manufacturing and technology application exhibition area: mainly display electronic information, intelligent home, automobile manufacturing, intelligent education, aerospace, new energy, medicine \ medical, warehousing and logistics, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, public safety, smart grid, intelligent water supply and other industrial application solutions;



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