Exhibition Process

1。 Contact the staff for booth map and application form。

2. Please fill in the application form for the exhibition in block letters in detail, sign by the responsible person and affix the official seal before faxing to the organizing unit.

3. After the application is confirmed by the organizing committee, the exhibition fee (50% advance payment or full payment) shall be telegraphic transferred or paid to the organizing committee within three days.

4。The organizing committee will mail the invoice and booth confirmation to the exhibitor after receiving the exhibition fee。

5.The organizer reserves the right to eventually adjust the booth location according to the overall needs of the conference.



Beijing Ce-shixin International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Jian Zhang

Tel:  0086-021-31009770

Email: sales-admin@vip。126。com
Website: http://www。asia-sia。com/



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